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A Virtual Learning Hub at Mt. Nebo

We're excited to partner with Purpose Built Schools and Boys & Girls Clubs of America to provide a virtual learning hub at our main campus to serve the Thomasville Heights Community. 75 scholars will have a safe place to have instruction with assistants who will aide them and reinforce foundational skills. 

Construction is already underway! Purpose Built Schools has already invested about $20,000 into this project. Being that this is a partnership, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we reach our goal.


We're asking our members to INTERCEDE AND INVEST!

We need you to be in prayer about this project but we also need you to INVEST. We need at least 300 members to sow an additional seed of at least $100 to help us with this project and the projects to come from this initiative.

With our new Director of Outreach and Community Development, Dana Green Roberts, we look forward to seeing this project come to fruition! And we know there are so many wonderful opportunities that will come from this partnership.



We Need Our Members to Intercede and Invest To Make This Vision A Reality!

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